2021 Ladies Opening Day Scramble 2021-04-25


2021 Ladies Opening Day Scramble for 2021-04-25


Ladies Opening Day Scramble


Sunday, April 25th


Entry Deadline, Thursday, April 22nd  


Entry Fee $50 Club Charge, cart included


Mulligans: $5 (cash) each, 1 per person




 Registration: Sign up individually. Golf Shop will select teams.




Eligibility: Open to all lady full golf members. If a current handicap is not established the Handicap Committee along with the Professional Golf Staff will establish a handicap for this event.




Event Format: The format is a four-person A, B, C, D scramble.




Handicap:  25%/20%/15%/10% from lowest to highest handicap




Event Itinerary:


  • 12:00 P.M.                              Registration
  • 12:45 P.M.                              Announcements in staging area
  • 1:00 P.M.                                Shotgun Start
  • 5:45 P.M.                                Dinner




 Scramble Rules:


  • Teams must place the ball within one club length from the selected shot, no nearer the hole. Repeat this format until the ball is holed.
  • Teams with less than four players will rotate their fourth shot. The A player will start the rotation.




Tee Markers: All players will use the Red Tees.



Tie Breaker: A scorecard playoff will be used to break a tie for first place.



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