2021 Season Long Shootout Friday, August 6, 2021


2021 Season Long Shootout for Friday, August 6, 2021

Registration:  Every Member of the MGA is Automatically entered into this competition.                                                    

Event Format: Gross & Net Divisions

Low 10 scores in each division compete in Shootout on August 7th

Para mutual wagering available for both the Gross and Net Division Shootout

Should a Member qualify for both divisions, they will choose in which Shootout division they compete on August 2nd.


Eligibility: Must be a Member of the MGA and have at least 10 posted scores from Tartan Fields in the prior 12 months. Handicap Committee and Golf Shop will determine handicaps for Members that do not meet these criteria.


Event Itinerary: Qualifying begins Wednesday, April 26th, 2020


Rules: Individual Stroke Play

Each player plays their own ball

Each player must putt out on every hole for their score to count

Can use any 18 - hole round from Tartan Fields Golf Club played from

April 26th – July 31st

(Must have scorecard signed and attested)


Tee Markers: To qualify for the Gross Division Shootout, players must play from the Gold Tee Markers

To qualify for the Net Division Shootout, players may play the Blue, Blue/Gold, Gold or Black Tee Markers at any time


Tie Breaker: If there is a tie for low 10 scores in either division a chip off will take place the day of the shootout, prior to the event, to complete the field.


Payout: Payout will be distributed in Golf Shop Credit to all Shootout participants.  Amount will be determined by number of players in the field.


Ryder Cup Points (Based on Shootout Results):          

1st Place                 140/player

2nd Place                120/player

3rd Place                100/player

Qualifier                50/player (Only shootout qualifiers)

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