2022 Ladies 18 Hole League 4 Tuesday, May 24, 2022


2022 Ladies 18 Hole League 4 for Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Ladies 18 Hole League

Tuesday, May 24th 2022


Format: Skins Game

How to play:A skin of 1 point will be awarded to the winner of each hole.  Holes are not halved. When players tie on a given hole, the value of that hole is carried over and added to the value of the following hole. The more ties, the greater the value of the skin and the bigger the eventual payoff for winning a hole.

For example:

Let's say we have four golfers, A, B, C, and D, playing a skins game for 1 point per hole.  The winner of the hole is based on the net score of each player for a specific hole.

  • On the first hole, A scores a 5, B a 6, C a 4 and D a 5. Golfer C wins the skin and the 1 point.
  • On the second hole, A and C tie for low score with 4s. Because of the tie, no skin is won.
  • On the third hole - which is now worth 2 points, because the skin from Hole 2 carried over - B wins the hole and the 2 skins (points). If there had been another tie, the 2 skins would carry forward again, making the fourth hole worth 3 skins (points).

And so forth. When a pot that is carried over is finally won, the following hole goes back to the original value of the skin (which, in our example, is 1 point).


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