2024 Old Pal Tournament Friday, May 17, 2024


2024 Old Pal Tournament for Friday, May 17, 2024

Old Pal Tournament

Season Long Event: Saturday, May 18th 2024 Kick-off

Matches: May 18th to August 31st 2024

Entry Deadline: Saturday, April 26th, 2024

Entry Fee: $50/ player (cash – paid to Golf Shop prior to April 28th)

Registration: Sign up with a partner on ForeTees

Note: You cannot have the same partner as the 2024 Member/Member!

Event Format:

Two Man Better Ball Match Play.

Maximum of 10 stroke Course Handicap Differential.

Handicaps will be adjusted if handicaps exceed maximum differential.

A maximum of 64 teams will participate.

Pro Shop will do the pairings prior to May 1st.

Event Itinerary: First Round Matches will be on Saturday, May 18th.

If a team cannot make the May 18th Kick-off, they may complete their match between May 1st and May 18th.

The 32 winning teams will advance with a deadline to complete the next Match.

All Matches must be completed by August 31st.


Better Ball Match Play.

Each player plays their own ball.

The team with the lowest net score on the hole wins the hole.

Low ball of the second player does not break ties.

Each player gets 90% of their handicap (USGA Handicap allowance recommendation)

Matches are handicapped off of the low ball.                                    

Tee Markers: Blue/Gold Tees. Players who qualify to play the Blue Tees have the option. Must be a minimum of 60 years of age. Your age, plus your course handicap from the Blue Tees must be equal to or greater than 75.

Tie Breaker: If there is a tie after the 18th hole, teams will go to a sudden death playoff starting on Hole #1.

Payout: Team Cash Payout will be based on the number of entries. 

Deadline for Each Round

Kick-off Matches:              May 18th

Second Round Matches:    May 18th – June 8th

Third Round Matches:       June 8th – June 29th

Fourth Round Matches:     June 29th – July 20th

Semi-Finals Matches:        July 20th – August 10th

Championship Match:        August 10th – August 31st

If Matches are not completed by the deadline, the Pro Shop will book a tee time on the deadline date. No shows will result in forfeit.

Tartan Cup Points:

Participation             35 points

Round 1 Winners      50

Round 2 Winners      65

Round 3 Winners      80

Round 4 Winners      100

Round 5 Winners      120

Old Pal Winners        140

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